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Friday, September 09, 2005

Ultra mega badass blowjob comic book reviews

Last weeks and this weeks comic book purchases. Lets do this, motherfuckers.

(in no particular order)

Shining Knight #4
HOLY SHIT BIG FIGHTS! AND JUSTIN IS A GIRL! These sheeda things are pretty cool little bastards, and we're seeing them show up all over the Seven Soldiers books. The art in this one is especially good, and Morrison is Morrison. Buy this.

Ghost Rider #1
Uh. Where's Ghost Rider? I get that a character with continuity as fucked up as GR needs some intro, but I'd sort of like to SEE him in a comic that bears his name. The angels and demonic rednecks do prove to be complete douchebags completely deserving of an ass kicking courtesy of the Spirit of Vengeance, so props to Ennis in that regard. Wasn't a fan of the art.

New Avengers #9
I wrote a pretty lengthy review/deconstruction of the issue over on the CBR boards, so all I'll say is this: At first glance, this is an average comic. Read it twice, read it 3 times even and you'll begin to grasp what Bendis is trying to do here. It's pretty awesome. And the art is insane. Whoever put together that 2 page spread of the sentry's memories is a genius.

Gotham Central #35
"Dead Robin" heh. This comic wins points for such a genius story title. The story comes together nicely with some HOLY SHIT revalations at the end. NOW I understand why the dude wouldn't give up his source. This Kano guy is doing an awesome job keeping up the tone that Michael Lark set. My only regret is that once this story is over, Brubaker's involvement with the book will end. Sad.

JLA Classified #11
So, a bunch of stuff blows up and individual JLA members investigate. They all find similar tablets with glowing glyphs on them. Ellis said that he set up this story so each character got an introduction that would be helpful for first time readers. I love the interaction between Clark and Lois. All of a sudden Clark Kent isn't a pussy. Best Justice League book in quite a while.

Amazing Spider-Man #523
Why am I still picking up this book? I'm not even thinking when I lay down money for it. It's not that I dislike it, its just that this book does absolutely nothing for me. I'm totally indifferent. I don't care for the art, so there's a strike against the book. I'd like it if JRJR came back. It's just so... blah. I'd rather read about the Spidey in New Avengers. And this isn't that Spidey.

Ex Machina #14
Yet another awesome issue of Ex Machina. And the second part of a 2-part story to boot! The Jury duty plot ends on a sad note, and the new great machine gets unmasked. All cool. But direct your attention to the cover. I didn't notice this at first, but it's the cityscape in Ex Machina, with the one surviving World Trade Center tower. What an eerie image.

Fell #1
Warren Ellis and Ben Templesmith doing single-issue detective stories for 2 bucks a hit? I'm fuckin' in! Although, at the moment where Detecive Fell figures out the cause of the murder, I figured it out as well... because Ellis posted a link to the real world version of this story on his web site months ago! It's the sherry enema story except with scotch. Talk about ripped from the headlines. The dialogue between Fell and the Chief made up for everything though. I dig this book.

Daredevil: Father #2
What the hell? This book? I honestly picked up this book on accident. I was in kind of a rush last week and simply grabbed it because it had daredevil on the cover. This book ain't that good. It's not I'm pissed about the lateness. I'd have to WANT to read the book to be pissed about it being late. I just don't care about a Daredevil story that isn't written by either Bendis or Miller.

Runaways #7
This is a fun little series. Victor La Mancha has been successfully integrated into the team. I'm not thrilled about the fill-in art, but at least it's someone who has a grasp on the characters. Reading the excellent Runaways hardcover gave me a new appreciation for this team. If I never read the hardcover, I'd be complaining about the lack of Excelsior in this issue.

Powers #12
So like, they catch the bad guy and Deena has a flashback. This book is so late that I forgot what the story was about. I should probably read the arc again. If I feel like it. I don't right now.

The Punisher #25
GOD DAMN, Ennis knows how to set up a compelling story. He sets up who all the supporting characters are gonnna be, the enemy, and the Punisher's mission. This is one of the best comics Marvel puts out and no one seems to notice. Nice to see that Fernandez is the regular artist. I love his stuff.

Ultimate Spider-Man #82
Bendis has his best arc in years going here. I love the street level Spidey stories. And I've noticed a trend: Whatever Bendis writes, if it has the Kingpin in it, it's awesome. This is a rule. But forget Kingpin, what about Black Cat! Every 15 year old male's fantasy comes true as the busty Black Cat totally comes on to Spider-Man. She has no idea how old he is, and completely throws herself at him. Naturally, Spidey has no idea what to do and runs away. Moon Knight shows up and all his multiple personalities are in full effect. Such a fun comic.

Astonishing X-Men #12
The "Dangerous" arc thuds to a stop. So uh, I'll just come right out and say it. This book is a serious misstep. Whedon has an OPPURTUNITY here to write a definitive X-Men run. Instead he's had the X-Men fighting boring aliens and plot devise robots. "Danger" has the plot devise.. ERRRR ability to give robots sentience, which then makes plausable the retarded idea of Kitty Pryde guilt tripping the megasentinel into going away. Of course, she has to go into the WILD, MACHINE-GROWN SENTINEL to find a CHAIR, KEYBOARD, AND A BANK OF MONITORS INSIDE. Sweet holy fuck this is bad. Whedon isn't even trying anymore. At least the Cassaday art is pretty, and that last page has the potential for a cool future story.

Supreme Power #18
Guess what! This is the LAST ISSUE of Supreme Power on the MAX line of books. It's a slow burn, this series. The superheroes in the real world concept is a cool one, but I'm not sure that I'll follow the book to the MK line. I think that something might be lost with the absence of the graphic violence the book is known for.

Young Avengers #6
Sigh. Iron Lad goes away. I liked him. But the team is in place with slightly worse code names. What was wrong with Asgardian? Titan sounded way cooler than Stature. Anywho, I dig this book because of the fun the team seems to be having. I knew this bool would be cool, and no one believed me. I like always being right.

The Manhattan Guardian #4
No Guardian action this issue, but it involves the newsboy army and the Sheeda... so that equals good comic. The Kirby/ Marvel Universe parallels in the giant baby publisher were pretty evident, and it'll be fun to pick apart the kids in the Newsboy Army and all the uses of the number 7. This entire Seven Soldiers series is just begging to be read in one sitting.

Captain America #9
What a cool story. Cap and Fury confront Lukin and discover that he has some powerful friends. They'll fight another day. Brubaker seems to do no wrong in this book, but allow me to nitpick for a little bit. I liked that the two artists, Epting and Lark had logical reasons for working on the book. Epting handled sequences in current day and Lark handled flashback sequences I really dug that. Now Lark is handling a full issue set in present day, and Epting is doing flashback sequences as well as present day sequences last issue. I'm not a fan of that.... but the writing is so good I'm willing to overlook the problems.

House of M #6
I love this mini. There, I said it. I love the concept, I love the execution, I love the characters, I love their interactions. The complaint concerning this series is the seeming lack of plot progression. Plot does not define story. Plot is the framework within which ideas are explored and personalities and relationships are unfolded. If all you want is plot, go and read a Tom Clancy novel. This is a good story, and that makes for a good comic.

Wha... Huh?
Not as funny as the 7 month wait would lead you to belive, but some good jokes exist in the book. Half the fun is finding all the cool easter eggs that Mahfood threw in. Funny stuff.

And that wraps up my comic book purchases of the last 2 weeks. I'll post again if i find something I want to write about.