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Sunday, February 20, 2005

A bizarre day

Well, this was quite a weird day in media terms. Three things happened that have a personal effect on me.

First, two new Nine Inch Nails songs got leaked. The Hand That Feeds was leaked as a really shitty quality radio rip. Apparently, someone stole a shitty quality copy of the song from a video shoot and then sent it to various radio stations, and then someone taped what was played on the radio. The song its self sounds good, but the quality is terrible. A really obvious single that will probably guarantee them a lot of radio exposure. The second song is of much better quality but isn't the radio-friendly single the Hand That Feeds is. The Line Begins To Blur is a very high-quality copy and still very good. Thumbs up for both songs.

Second, on a more amusing note, someone hacked Paris Hilton's cell phone and released all her personal information onto the internet. Naked pictures of herself, ALL her stored phone numbers and some notes. I have Chrstina Aguilera's phone number. I can call Lindsay Lohan if I want.... though I don't really have anything to say to her.

Finally, the most depressing thing to happen today is that Hunter S Thompson died. It still isn't clear if he really meant to shoot himself or it was a drug-fueled accident. Ugh, this is depressing.

Regular updates will happen this week. Sorry about the downtime. I had homework to do.


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